Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Amazing Bibimbap


One day I was planning on making some fried rice with (even more) leftovers from hot pot when I remember this comic strip that I had see a couple of weeks ago. I had never made bibimbap before, but I ordered it almost every time I went to Super 88, so I figured it was time to try to make some for myself. I really took the words of the comic strip to heart: "...All it was, was nothing. Or rather, the idea of making something out of nothing. As long as it contained rice, that is...(and gochujang)...."

So I started off with some leftover brown rice.

Start with rice

Added some chopped napa cabbage.

Add napa cabbage

Swiss chard.

Swiss chard

Julienned carrots.


Imitation crab meat.


Cubed tofu.


Sliced cooked fish balls.

Sliced fish balls

Sliced fried fish cake.

Fried fish cake

And thinly sliced beef (marinated in soy sauce, sugar, and rice wine)


Topped it with a fried egg.

Fried egg

And some sesame seeds.

Sesame seeds

And finished it with the spicy bean sauce.

And spicy bean paste

The only thing is, I've always liked my bibimbap in the hot stone bowl, and since I didn't have one, I ended up stir-frying this all up to make fried rice in the end. =P


  1. Don't you just love Super 88?

    Your dish looks INCREDIBLE!

  2. I love bibimbap. This looks amazing. I had some the last time I was in Seoul. I wish the ingredients weren't so numerous and hard to find in a dorm setting.

  3. That bibimbap looks nice and tasty and healthy!

  4. Bibimbap sounds an awful lot like "this n that" to me, and that's what it looks like too, from your pictures.
    I love your mochi recipes too, because they are often gluten free. Thanks...