Thursday, April 9, 2009

Boston Organics, Week 8

From my last delivery, I used the avocado and some cherry tomatoes to make guacamole, the green pepper and the rest of the cherry tomatoes in chilaquiles, served the broccoli and celery as crudites, braised the collard greens in coconut milk, and either used the fruit in a fruit salad or ate them as is. Unfortunately, I had to toss the turnips because they were all shrunken by the time I thought to use them.

Boston Organics, Week 8

This week I decided to downgrade to the Small Box (still 1/2 fruit and 1/2 veggies and $5 cheaper) since I would be out of town for a 5 days next two weeks. I ended up getting 2 Empire Apples, 3 Fair-Trade Bananas, 2 Fair-Trade Bartlett Pears, 2 Kiwis, 1 Red Grapefruit, 2 Tangelos, 2 Valencia Oranges, 1 bag of Baby Carrots, 1 Green Bell Pepper, 1 bunch Scallions, 1 lb. Yukon Potatoes, 1 Zucchini/Yellow Squash, and 1 bunch Collard Greens. I plan on making more fruit salad for tonight's Maundy Thursday potluck and maybe trying David Lebovitz's recipe for carrot cake ice cream with the carrots. I've already put the scallions in water and will probably use some to make egg and bacon bunny buns for Easter brunch.

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