Friday, March 19, 2010

Mama Huang's Secret Beer Duck Recipe

My mom made me promise not to post her recipe for her beer duck, but I figure it won't hurt to show you some pictures, in the tradition of the Feng Family Secret Peking Duck Recipe. It's a really easy recipe that only uses 5 ingredients (6, if you count water) and produces a really tender, super-flavorful duck. Best of all, you can harvest the duck fat at the end and the resulting drippings can totally be re-used for other recipes like xiao long bao. I'm thinking of trying to make Taiwanese meat stew from the drippings I have sitting in my fridge right now....

Beer duck mis en place
Mis en place (can you figure out the 5 ingredients?)

Beer duck
15 minutes in

Beer duck
30 minutes in

Beer duck
1 hour in

Beer duck
1 hour 30 minutes in (heehee, I think it's funny how the duck looks like it's embarrassed and trying to cover its private parts here)

Beer duck
2 hours in

Not the prettiest thing in the world at the end because the meat is literally falling off the bones, but so, so yummy. And look at all that delicious duck fat floating on top! I can't wait to try this cold fat method of making French fries with it!

P.S. I have been known to share secret duck recipes with people who have gotten me really, really good Red Sox tickets. I'm talking about Opening-Day-against-the-Yankees good. Just so you know. ;)

ETA:  No more teasing; here's the full recipe!

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  1. Hi Joy, Many, many thanks for sharing this delicious recipe. I've just made it for my family. We are Australian, and so would love some advice on other dishes to serve the duck with? Thanks

  2. Thanks, Jeremy. I usually serve this with rice and cabbage sauteed with garlic.

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