Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Flower Pavlovas

I've been holding off on posting about these fruit pavlovas since this summer because I honestly didn't know what to write about them.  They're too pretty not to share though, so I think I'll make this a picture tutorial instead of my normal recipe plus pictures post.

Start off by making the pavlova base, which is basically a meringue with cornstarch added.  You can find a full recipe at The Kitchn.

Beat egg whites until soft peaks form

Gradually add the rest of the ingredients and beat until stiff peaks form

Shape and bake

Using a paring knife, cut out a thin slice

Remove the first slice and continue cutting out thin slices...

...until all you have left is the pit

Start layering the slices in a small dish...

...forming smaller, overlapping rings...

...using smaller and smaller slices...

...until you fill it all in

Grab a pavlova base...

...and carefully slide the fruit slices onto it


The pavlovas above were made with nectarines, if I recall correctly.  You'll want to use fruits that will be soft enough to shape into the flower pattern.  I think they're prettiest when there's a contrast between the peel and flesh, but here's one I made with kiwi slices that's quite pretty in its own right.

Reminds me of a succulent plant

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