Friday, May 22, 2009

Boston Organics, Week 12

Wow, I can't believe I've been doing this for twelve weeks already! I've definitely enjoyed trying to figure out how to use up all the produce every two weeks and my diet has definitely benefited from being "forced" to eat more fruits and veggies than I would if I didn't have this service.

From the last delivery, I ate most of the fruit as is, made guacamole from the avocado, tomato, and onion; tomato and eggs over rice with the rest of the tomato; caramelized the onions and carrots (basically the only way I will eat carrots); sauteed the yellow squash with garlic; and made coconut curry noodles with the collard greens.

Boston Organics, Week 12

This week I got 1 Bosc Pear, 2 Cameo Apples, 2 Fair Trade Bananas, 1 Kiwi, 1 Lemon, 2 Valencia Oranges, 1 bunch Asparagus, 1 bag Baby Carrots, 1 bunch Chard, 1 Salad Tomato, and 1 Zucchini. I was actually a little confused when I saw the chard (the leafy green vegetable in the picture above) because I'm more familiar with the red stem kind. But after googling for images of "chard" I guess there are non-red steam kinds of chard.

Am thinking about making a kalbi marinade with one of the red apples, the pear, and the kiwi. Since I'll most likely have some leftover marinade, will probably use it to marinate some of the leftover meat I have in the freezer from hot pot and use it for bibimbap along with the chard, carrots, and zucchini. Thinking about roasting the asparagus, and maybe making an orange-lemon sorbet with the citrus. And I'll probably make tomatoes and eggs over rice again just because I like that dish so much. =)

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